AnJ Plumbing are the Best Pipe Reliners Around

There are many benefits to pipe relining, but one of the main ones is that it requires absolutely no unsightly and time consuming digging of any sort. So no more deep holes or trenches in your precious residential or commercial yards, gardens or decks so that old pipes may be replaced with new ones.

At AnJ Plumbing, we are the experts in non-invasive pip relining in the San Fernando Valley and the surrounding areas like Encino, West Hills, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Westwood, Studio City and Burbank, to name a few.

Why do you need pipe relining?

If your pipes need to get repaired, usually you need to dig to get to them. But with pipe relining, you won’t have to dig those unsightly trenches all over your property to repair your pipes. Our pipe relining technology at AnJ Plumbing is designed to permanently fix your pipes without having you worry about any problems in the future. If you are constantly worried about root infiltration or leaks in your pipes, our pipe re-lining technology will ensure that you never have to be concerned again.

Pipe relining takes just a fraction of the time to complete as compared to the previous “trench warfare”, which was a technology used earlier. All it takes to reline your pipes is just a day or two at the very most, as compared to a week.

Our Pipe Relining Process at AnJ Plumbing

Our pipe relining process is a simple and easy one that offers reliable and durable service. Also known as Epoxy Lining, pipe relining is a process wherein unreliable, old pipes are relined with a material known as epoxy resin. This material helps to protect the pipes from corrosion and leaks of any kind.

Our team of skilled technicians begin by drying your pipes out and cleaning them out completely of all the buildup or corrosion that has accumulated over the years, and has caused the natural flow of the water to reduce and the water quality to be compromised.

We then apply the epoxy to the inside of the pipes, which is then reinforced by layers of fiberglass mesh. Since this procedure is water tight and air tight, it mitigates the risk of root infiltration, which seems to affect all pipes that do not have an epoxy lining.

So call up AnJ Plumbing today and extend the life of your pipes with our high quality pipe relining services.