AnJ Plumbing Tackles Slab Leaks with Acumen

When one of the water lines or pipe lines beneath the concrete of your home starts to leak, it is referred to as a slab leak. These leaks can cause multiple problems in your home or commercial property. A slab leak, like any other kind of leak, should never be ignored. As soon as you think that your property may be afflicted by a slab leak, call AnJ Plumbing to alleviate you of this plumbing matter.

Signs that You have a Slab Leak

But how do you know that you may have a slab leak? Here are a few signs to keep an eye out for:

  • Water bills that are extremely high may point to either a water leak in your pool, behind your wall, or in most cases a leak from the plumbing under the slab.
  • Your flooring or walls begin to show cracks.
  • You come across a hot spot on the floor, which may be indicative of a hot water line leak.
  • You hear running water even after you have turned off all your faucets and fixtures.
  • You find excessive moisture or the presence of mildew or some odors around and under your carpets.

Non-Invasive Slab Leak Detection by AnJ Plumbing

If you start to see any of the above signs, it may be time to call the experts at AnJ Plumbing to take care of all your slab leak detection needs. We are a licensed plumbing company with over 2 decades of experience, servicing the San Fernando valley and the surrounding areas of Encino, West Hills, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Westwood, Studio City and Burbank, among others.

Many people tend to ignore a slab leak, which could eventually turn into a more serious and costly problem. Just because you can’t really see a leak, that doesn’t mean that is isn’t causing a lot of damage to your property and the damage will only increase as time moves on.

It can be challenging to break into a pool deck or a slab to detect a leak without causing any damage or undermining the aesthetic of your landscape. But this can all be fixed and the issues this leak is causing or is likely to cause will mean lot more of your properly will be affected to fully restore your water systems back to normal. This is a process better left to the plumbing experts at AnJ Plumbing. They have been around the block before!

Your Problem is Our Problem

Our technical expertise and industry-standard technologically advanced equipment allows our qualified technicians to detect exactly where the leak is originating from. We have a special set of devices which work by listening under the slab, thereby allowing us to identify the location of the leak. We also use video camera inspection as well as pressure tests to ensure that we not only detect the leak, but also repair it.